is adidas stormex waterproof ?


The Adidas Stormex is a line of waterproof hiking and trail running shoes that are designed to keep your feet dry in wet weather. The shoes feature a waterproof upper made of a combination of synthetic materials and textiles, as well as a water-resistant lining. The Stormex also has a Gore-Tex membrane, which is a highly effective barrier to water and moisture.

What is the Adidas Stormex?

The Adidas Stormex is a versatile shoe that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, trail running, and walking. The shoes are comfortable and supportive, and they provide good traction on a variety of surfaces. The Stormex is also relatively lightweight, making it a good choice for long hikes or runs.

How Waterproof are Adidas Stormex Shoes?

The Adidas Stormex is a very waterproof shoe. The combination of the waterproof upper, water-resistant lining, and Gore-Tex membrane ensures that your feet will stay dry even in heavy rain or snow. The shoes have been tested to withstand a water column of 10,000mm, which is the industry standard for waterproof shoes.

The Pros and Cons of Adidas Stormex Shoes


  • Highly waterproof
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Good traction
  • Lightweight


  • Can be a bit bulky
  • Not as breathable as some other waterproof shoes


The Adidas Stormex is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a waterproof and comfortable shoe for hiking, trail running, or walking. The shoes are highly waterproof, comfortable, and supportive, and they provide good traction on a variety of surfaces.

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